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Dreams is an app the helps you save for the things you want in life, and to invest in the moments that matter. Turning your dreams into plans that start today. But saving money is hard. Your brain is actually pretty bad at it and prefers instant spending over future dreams. So Dreams is based on behavioural science to help you and your brain focus less on the finances of today and more about the future moments that matter.

The two campaigns below adress the importance of saving together with others as well as finding clever ways to save money by hacking your everyday life.



Saving money isn't about being cheap. It's about being smart. To learn the tricks of how to hack our everyday life and put away money towards our dreams. They're called Savehacks.


Bonus Savehack: Director's pick


The thief steals small amounts of money from your bank account and secretely saves it towards what you dream about. Unexpected and effortless saving.


Visit getdreams.com for more information about the app and download it from the Appstore and Google Play. Currently only available in Sweden and Norway.