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Nature Needs Help


Our climate is in bad shape. It’s hard to watch. And hard to find a way to help. But we wan’t to help, somehow. Humans recipe for success is collaboration. Our potential to solve problems grows with the size of the group collaborating. Climate change is the biggest problem we face. It's never been more important to team up. 


Are you working to fight climate change?

Are you an organisation, initiative or company that need help explaining, educating and cutting through the daily static? There are a bunch of people who would like to help out. Providing the powerful communication and impactful visuals needed to get your message across. They sign up right over there. If you want their help, you can sign up here.


Do you wanna help out?

Are you a designer, writer, illustrator, animator, director or artist looking to do what you can to help battle climate change?  There are many organisations that need your help; making them heard, helping them grow, telling their story. They sign up over there. If you want to offer your craft as help sign up below.


Our hope is that the more of those who need help helping get in touch with those that want to help out. It's a step in the right direction.By connecting those who need help, helping out, with those that want to help. Hopefully we can figure the rest out. One project at a time.